HireCareStaff launches advanced recruitment marketing solution to help hire care staff faster at a fraction of recruitment cost

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HireCareStaff launches advanced recruitment marketing solution to help hire care staff faster at a fraction of recruitment cost

May 18
20:00 2020
HireCareStaff has developed an innovative care recruitment marketing system which counts on advanced marketing strategies and technological solutions to increase staff retention rate at 80% less recruitment costs.

Dublin, Ireland – May 18, 2020 – News for care homes struggling to find qualified care staff of late. Leading care recruitment marketing support company HireCareStaff has recently launched a breakthrough care recruitment marketing solution that will help to find professional care staff fast and at 80% less recruitment cost. The advanced marketing approach aims to bridge the gap between care employment and care staff through state-of-the-art marketing solutions.

HireCareStaff has strategically launched the new recruitment marketing system this month as the current COVID-19 crisis asserts a pressing need for at-home care staff more than ever. 

“We are pleased to bring to you our new care recruitment marketing solution that will help to bridge care employment with care staff more effectively than ever. We do acknowledge care homes usually have a hard time in finding qualified care staff and the problem is even more apparent today in the wake of COVID-19 crisis. With more people forced to stay at home due to the pandemic, more staff are needed in the homes now. This is where our latest marketing system will help home care companies, assisted living facilities and other such centres to conveniently assure a steady stream of efficient care staff for those in need”, stated Ngalinda Ngalinda, award-winning marketing expert and the man behind HireCareStaff.

(In Frame: Ngalinda Ngalinda)

The advanced marketing system will cater to all kinds of care service centres, including nursing homes, care homes, home care companies, residential care homes and assisted living facilities that are seeking to hire qualified care assistants, care workers, registered staff nurses, social care workers, care assistants as well as senior care staff and doctors. Besides, the marketing system is also designed to support recruitment companies to source candidates for job positions in the elderly assisted living market. 

As per the statements of Ngalinda, the new recruitment marketing system is intelligently designed to help care homes rope in the best of care staff, despite the cut-throat competition in the current COVID-19 crisis. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to a lot of job changes today. There is an urgent need of more numbers of care staff and everyone is on a recruiting spree now. Naturally, the current care recruitment market poses a tough competition and makes it even more challenging for care homes to find qualified staff. Such challenges certainly call for the support of a seasoned care recruitment marketing system that will help you to get laser-focused results without spending a small fortune. Our new marketing system is designed with a strict result-focused yet economical approach and it aims to help you find a sizeable number of highly qualified care staff – despite the fierce competition in the current care recruitment space.”

HireCareStaff’s new advanced care recruitment marketing system stands out with an innovative blend of latest online marketing services and cutting-edge technological solution. 

Speaking on, Mr. Ngalinda stressed on three major aspects of the breakthrough marketing system –

Social media healthcare recruitment ads

The latest HireCareStaff marketing system is driven to launch strategic healthcare recruitment ads on social platforms to tap into the massive member-base of these popular portals. Mr. Ngalinda assured the marketing system would not focus on active job seekers who are always job hunting from one job to the other and hence aren’t actually reliable. Rather, the system will bank on passive job seekers who are not hunting for a job role currently but are more likely to convert and stay longer with a company.

“Thanks to their humungous member-base, social media platforms serve as an excellent source of potential qualified care staff at present. Our intelligent marketing system capitalizes on their massive member-base to find you an increasing number of efficient care staff through social healthcare recruitment ads. We promise to help you find driven, qualified and committed care staff by high volumes and extraordinarily fast, through the help of social media”, explained Ngalinda.

80% savings on recruitment costs

HireCareStaff assured a highly affordable advanced marketing system which will enable care homes to save by a whopping 80% on recruitment costs. Unlike other recruitment agencies that charge between 10% – 20% of placement fee and finders fee, Mr. Ngalinda’s unique marketing system only asks for a fixed monthly contract. There is no issue of hidden fee and the fixed monthly contract enables allows access to unlimited numbers of candidates.

Enhanced employee retention

A prime aspect of the marketing system is its advanced Application Tracking Software which helps in remote hiring and also facilitates improved employee retention.

“Easy communication is one of chief pre-requisites for acquiring a steady line of qualified staff. Our state-of-the-art Application Tracking Software will put all candidates through a recruitment pipeline to help the whole HR team keep track on successful candidates conveniently. It will further facilitate smooth communication between the HR managers and prospective candidates that will plummet the churn rate and increase the rate of employee retention.”

While asked about the inspiration behind the new advanced recruitment marketing system, the leading marketer mentioned about the rising enquiries for his help in care recruitment market in recent times. 

“We have been working (indirectly) with clients in the care recruitment space for nearly a decade now. Of late, we have noticed an increasing number of enquiries from care centres asking for our help in care recruitment. We have been well aware about the ongoing recruitment crisis in the care industry for quite some time now and we knew we have to do something about it. Thus, our latest HireCareStaff new care recruitment marketing system was born. With a unique and strategic amalgamation of social media advertising recruitment service + software solutions, our system is driven to increase care staff retention efforts at an exponential pace and without causing a dent in the budget.”

About Ngalinda Ngalinda

An award-winning marketer, Mr. Ngalinda Ngalinda is renowned for his proven strategic, creative and analytical skills in digital marketing. A highly followed name on social platforms, Mr. Ngalinda has an increasing number of people following and sharing his advertising strategies in huge volumes. His innovative marketing strategies have generated 94,630+ leads for his clients while his strategic Social media marketing campaigns have increased brand reach for his clients by 268%. At present, Mr. Ngalinda is the founder of a highly successful care marketing agency which boasts over 243+ clients in the healthcare and service sector.

For more information, please visit https://www.hirecarestaff.com/.

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