A Breakthrough In Biomedicine For Endometriosis

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A Breakthrough In Biomedicine For Endometriosis

May 18
19:15 2020
History re-written as Dr. Sheryene Tejeda becomes the first to find a cure for what was once deemed incurable.

Altamonte Springs, Florida – One with little or no knowledge about Endometriosis won’t appreciate fully the discovery of Dr. Sheryene Tejeda. The affected population, on the other hand, will see her discovery as an answer to their prayers. Endometriosis is a medical condition that affects millions of women globally. It is a disorder in which tissues that normally lines the uterus grow outside the uterus. 

The growth of these Endometrial implants gives rise to scarring, inflammation, and adhesion which frequently lead to debilitating pain, compromised fertility, and a lot of other medical conditions. People who have little knowledge about the danger it carries often confuse its early signs with ordinary PMS issues thus paying little or no attention to it. The neglect of Endometriosis may lead to severe cases such as infertility so in order to avoid this, attention must be paid to it in its early stages.

Dr. Sheryene Tejeda has made history by becoming the first doctor to find a bio medicinal cure for Endometriosis, a disorder once deemed incurable.

Before Dr. Sheryene Tejeda’s discovery, Endometriosis has been impervious to contemporary medicine, several techniques such as hormone therapies, surgery, and other means used by several practitioners proved to be abortive. Dr. Sheryene Tejeda’s discovery of Endogen proved to be the game-changer. The product will be available to consumers this year. Endogen a three therapeutic matrix that includes addressing the psycho-neural, biophysical aspects of an individual to attain healing. Endogen, when taken as part of a 3-protocol, has been proven to resolve Endometriosis and in some cases restore fertility.  The natural ingredients present in the supplement also provide enough vitamins and trace minerals that are necessary for normal menstrual flow.

Dr. Sheryene Tejeda’s discovery has proven to be a turning point. Her effort will forever change the lives of women worldwide. Though proud of her achievement, she has her eyes set on new challenges which she is confident of achieving.

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