Tore Arnesen’s latest work, Beyond Ragnarok, has been released to wide acclaim and has already built up quite a following

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Tore Arnesen’s latest work, Beyond Ragnarok, has been released to wide acclaim and has already built up quite a following

May 15
14:22 2020

It tells the story of man’s link with the natural world whilst weaving in elements of mythology, technology and the captivating storytelling you’d expect from him.

We spoke with the author to hear more about what inspired him to write such a unique piece, especially as it is becoming increasingly relevant to events around the world. 

“I’ve been in love with the written word for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always enjoyed coming up with new and exciting ideas. I used my love of knowledge and learning new things to weave together an idea that brought together so many seemingly disparate strands, and from there the story was born.”

The idea is to introduce the reader to an unusual and yet thought-provoking tale the likes of which they will have never read before.

“My goal was to write something completely unique that no one would have been expecting, but to also maintain that link to the reader. I avoided being drawn out or convoluted just for the sake of being different, and instead used my creative brain to come up with something completely original. It was basically the story I’ve always wanted to read myself, so one day I just started writing it and everything else followed.”

His approach is certainly different and worthy of note, but what’s most impressive is how he’s managed to pull it off without sacrificing readability. The literary world is well stocked with new approaches that are so inaccessible that they never take off, but you can’t put this work anywhere near that category. It’s refreshingly original in the way it tells a story, has a unique range of characters and weaves together so many different aspects of life that you are bound to learn something new and exciting along the way. With this in mind, we couldn’t resist asking what he’s working on right now.

“Well, that would be telling! But what I can promise you is that it’s going to be another truly original piece which brings together different avenues that you’ll have never thought of. It’s already half formed in my mind, and when I feel it start to come together that’s when I’m going to start writing. As I hope you can tell from Beyond Ragnarok — I never race through my work. It’s something I enjoy shaping and it means the world to me when the effort and creativity I bring is recognized by people taking the time to read it.”

Insightful words indeed from a writer who is set to have us constantly asking for an update on how he’s getting on.

To enjoy a tale unlike any other, visit and get your copy today. 

Tore Arnesen can be contacted for interviews and speaking appearances on the details.

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