SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ Is the Missing Piece of the Puzzle for the Hospitality Industry to Bring Customers Back

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SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED™ Is the Missing Piece of the Puzzle for the Hospitality Industry to Bring Customers Back

May 12
13:35 2020
Making travelers and guests feel safe when they board an airplane, enter a hotel guestroom, or a cruise line cabin, will be the key to the successful re-opening and economic recovery of the hospitality industry worldwide.

The hardest hit industry of the Coronavirus pandemic is by far the hospitality industry. Since the public health issue began escalating in mid-February in the U.S., hotels have already lost more than $21 billion in room revenue. The International Air Transport Association, has said airlines could suffer a loss of $113 billion over time, and the cruise industry expects to lose billions of dollars as well. Additionally, millions of jobs have been lost and we have no idea if or when some of those jobs will ever come back.

Business and leisure travelers are not booking flights, hotels or cruises. In fact, aside from the recent stay-at-home orders, travelers today are not even booking flights, hotels rooms or cruises for one reason and one reason only. Fear.

Travelers continue to be very concerned that hospitality companies can indeed really conform to proper social distancing or that the places they travel to will be safe. Many top brand hotels like Marriott, Hilton or Wyndham are now going to great lengths to include stepped up cleaning and disinfecting protocols. So are many airlines like United, Delta and American as well as cruise companies including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival.

“While on the surface it may seem acceptable that the hospitality industry does their own self-policing, our surveys have shown that the traveling public and Americans in general feel that in time they will most likely relax their efforts and put them and their loved ones at risk. Also, many suggested that because of human nature, they are not confident that cleaning staff can be trusted to consistently follow their company’s protocols, and without a third-party accountability mechanism in place, how will anyone really know.

“That’s why we feel it makes more sense to use our mobile sampling and testing option to give passengers and guests total peace-of-mind,” says SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED’s COO, R. Scott Memmott. He went on to explain that, “Being a true third-party company that randomly and unannounced, visits our client’s locations every month or week, and having our certified lab technicians sample and test a percentage of their sealed rooms and cabins using mobile bio-testing technology, is what will instill true and sustainable confidence in the traveling public. If they pass, their rooms and cabins continue to receive a SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED seal across the door and door jamb so that and when guests arrive, they literally “break the seal,” knowing that no one has entered or compromised their rooms or cabins since it was last cleaned and disinfected.

“For the airlines, our lab technicians are posted at terminals and after each aircraft has been cleaned in accordance with many of the airline’s new enhanced cleaning protocols, our technicians sample and test random seats on the plane, along with restrooms and the galley area to ensure the aircraft is fully safe for passengers,” explained Bert Rhine, SAFE-ROOM CERTIFIED’s CEO. Rhine continued with “Relieving traveler’s fear will not be easy, but it is our intent to give them additional comfort knowing that there is an independent, third-party who is checking and assuring travelers that the new enhanced and proper cleaning protocols used by the hospitality industry are being followed and that they work.”

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