“Automating Your Commissions”: A Brainchild Of Matt Tommy And Michael Dallas-Petersen, Has Been Achieving Real Estate Agents, Lenders And Brokers With ROI’s As High As 2,900%

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“Automating Your Commissions”: A Brainchild Of Matt Tommy And Michael Dallas-Petersen, Has Been Achieving Real Estate Agents, Lenders And Brokers With ROI’s As High As 2,900%

May 01
09:15 2020
Matt Tommy and Michael Dallas-Petersen have today been recognised in the Real Estate sector as they continuously innovate lead generation as a service. Experts in working and understanding the real estate market inside out, Matt and Michael have shared their reflections and advice in an interview.

Matt Tommy and Michael Dallas-Petersen have been continuously innovating lead generation and digital marketing within multiple industries. The two co-founders have now entered into the Real Estate sphere and are helping Agents, Lenders and Brokers dominate within their respective areas; implementing a highly effective process which has enabled their marketing campaigns to achieve an ROI of as high as 2,900%.

Matt and Michael both bring unique sets of skills to the table. Matt has built a vast network of successful people consisting of entrepreneurs, investors and influencers and Michael has been managing marketing campaigns for multiple industries including big real estate companies. Basically, Matt is an expert in Sales and Michael is a genius in Marketing! All these skills combined have helped them with implementing the winning formula for real estate agents, lenders, and brokers with their newest venture, “Automating Your Commissions”.

It all started when Matt and Michael met at an event in San Diego. They were in a private mansion for a High Achiever’s Mastermind event. During the break, Matt was networking with the people where Michael overheard their conversation and got intrigued, so he joined them, and that is where they started their first conversation. They exchanged phone numbers and went separate ways after the event. One day, they connected again online and found themselves speaking about automation, delegation, prospecting, recoverable sales, campaign creation, and so much more, and through that connection, it paved the way to the birth of Automating Your Commissions.

Matt and Mike are experts and understand the real estate market inside out. They have changed the old fashioned campaigns where realtors invest hundreds even thousands of dollars on unqualified leads. They shared their 4 basic business fundamentals to succeed at multifold ROI.

  1. Innovating lead generation at low cost by using ways that already existed but were not put into use.

  2. Follow-up is made easy through automation; they have pinpointed the lack of follow-up is also what causes low sales conversions.

  3. A step-by-step process and training on how to follow-up, book appointments, book sales and how to effectively use the system on autopilot.

  4. One-on-one coaching providing the realtors accountability, feedback on sales calls and nurturing their clients through automation.

It is their passion for the industry, in general, which is the driving force behind their success. They just found a huge gap, and for them, if there is a gap and a problem, there is money to be made. Two authentic people that genuinely want to add value and help other people. They always make sure to produce great results and not overcharge clients because they want every real estate agent to have financial freedom, help their family, and grow both personally and professionally.

In a recent one-to-one interview, Matt and Michael reminisced on other past achievements, which helped build momentum towards the present day. Notably, one of the proudest was one of the many clients who had tremendous testimonial. Spent $10 per day, $9,000 commissions, and $20,000 in the pipeline within a month – that is a 2900% ROI!

In the same interview, Matt and Michael stated their intentions for the future. The primary goal for the next 12 months is for them to get at least 50 to 100 clients, and build the Agent Attraction EXP. They want to be in three to five years working with the biggest real estate brokerages, the top agents and the top nationwide lenders in the country, offering a “complete-done-for-you” solution. They also aim to be speaking on stages and have a bigger sales team.

Matt and Michael closed the interview by sharing their recommendation for anybody who wants to follow in their footsteps in some fashion, perhaps, taking the achievements even further. According to them, the key to their success is the fact that they can generate results pretty effectively and their fantastic relationship within the real estate ecosystem. The fact that they were able to deliver results for the right people speaks volumes. In addition, the way they are different from all other lead sourcing companies is through proper funneling, providing quality leads, passing qualified leads that have been through a call center and a pre-approval process. They also make sure to always provide proper coaching to the agents so they could grow their sales pipeline and achieve continuous success in this very competitive industry.

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