TSMC 5G Chip Became The Biggest Winner, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) Created 5G Holographic AR + AI Vision

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TSMC 5G Chip Became The Biggest Winner, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) Created 5G Holographic AR + AI Vision

April 29
18:21 2020

After the curtain of 5G was opened, both the mobile terminal manufacturers and the 5G chip manufacturers began to carry out fierce competition on the 5G track, especially the upstream chip manufacturers, which directly staged a competition between five countries in the spring and autumn period.

In order to meet the new generation of wind, leading enterprises rushed to launch 5G products, such as huawei and xiaomi’s 5G mobile phones, the three major operating businesses launched 5G tariff package. However, the development of software is far from the support of core hardware. If the biggest winner of 5G so far is not huawei, xiaomi and apple, but Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing co., LTD. (TSMC), which makes chips.

In 2020, the increased penetration rate of 5G mobile phones will increase the capacity utilization rate of fab and accelerate the speed of technological breakthroughs. Haitong expects the penetration rate of 5G mobile phones to be 14% in 2020. According to IDC, global shipments of 5G mobile phones will reach 190 million units in 2020, accounting for 14 percent of all mobile phone shipments.


Driven by the rapid development of 5G and AI applications, this quarter will be TSMC’s strongest ever, according to Taiwanese media. 7nm, 5nm and other advanced process demand is strong, we are confident that this year’s operation is better than the industry average.

In terms of global market share, TSMC accounts for almost 90 per cent of global orders for 5G chips, data show. At present, in the research and development of 5G baseband chips, the biggest names are qualcomm, mediatek and huawei. 5G baseband chips are so essential to 5G technology that even apple is willing to pay a huge settlement to qualcomm to get its support in the 5G era. However, the 5G chips currently on the market, such as the baron-5000, qualcomm X50 (X55), mediatek M70 and spreadtrum’s ivy 510, are all made by TSMC.

In TSMC’s 2019 results, total revenue in the fourth quarter alone reached nt $317.237 billion, or 72.5 billion yuan, up 9.5% from a year earlier, and net profit was nt $116.035 billion, or 26.5 billion yuan.

TSMC’s ultra-high market share and operating revenue not only come from the huge number of orders brought by the cooperation with giants such as apple, huawei and qualcomm, but also TSMC’s core technology. While other chip giants are still studying the 14-nanometer process, TSMC’s 7-nanometer process has entered the market.

In addition, TSMC in mainland China alone has more than 100 corporate clients, reports that TSMC will be set up in nanjing Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing co., LTD., is expected to invest $3 billion, set up the nanjing plant Fab, TSMC will have a 12-inch fabs and a design service center, to achieve 16 nm process technology, production can further meet the demand of our customers.


China values 5G because it will drive many new applications in consumption, and there will be many applications in the industry in the future. 1G to 4G is mainly for consumer applications, while 5G should be expanded into industrial applications and penetrated all aspects including telemedicine, distance education, smart city, automatic driving and agriculture, etc. In the long run, the return on industrial applications may be greater than that for consumer-oriented applications, but it may still focus on consumption applications at the beginning of the 5G.

There are a large number of Internet users and mobile Internet users. As system vendors such as Apple and Google introduce a base tool platform, it become easier for developers to create and provide diverse AR content, enabling AR technology to be quickly provided to a large number of users. In addition, the store offering the AR experience penetrates quickly in Chinese malls, and consumer can enjoy the AR experience at a lower cost, which promotes consumer acceptance of AR.

Holographic AR Market Size of PRC by Revenue, 2016-2025E

Note: Hardware refers to the revenue of hardware manufacturers, including AR rendering device, such as AR glasses, AR helmets, etc. as well as holographic imaging devices, such as holographic projectors, holographic cabinets, holographic advertising machines, etc. Software and contents refer to the revenue of participants who provide the addition of AR and holographic contents, ARSDK or technical services.

Source: Frost & Sullivan

The AR applications are currently mainly used in entertainment, advertising, education and other industries. They have relatively mature hardware environment, which is very beneficial to the development of software and contents in these fields. In the long run, these applications will also appear in social networking and communications field, although these applications are still limited by hardware technology.

What 5G brings not only a leap in Internet speed.According to the “5G Economic and Social Impact White Paper” issued by the China Institute of Information and Communications, 5G will provide a bandwidth with the peak of more than 10 Gbps with a new network architecture, and the user experience rate can be stabilized at 1-2Gbps. The 5G network speed is at least 10 times the peak speed rate of 4G. 5G is a technological advancement of a basic communication method for human beings. It does not have any political factors that everyone imagines. China has developed from 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, benefiting greatly from the Internet and mobile Internet industries, and the overall living efficiency and production efficiency have been gradually improved.

The 5G era is likely to be an important watershed for creating new models and building new patterns in the telecom operation market. Those who can better understand and cultivate the broad market of 5G applications will achieve more sustainable and higher quality development. according to him, China plans to vigorously promote 5G scale trials and application demonstration and strives to realize full commercialization in 2020. “The applications of network information technology are increasingly popularized, and have penetrated into every aspect of people’s production and life.”

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) has the leading AR holographic application platform in China. According to Frost & Sullivan, WIMI Hologram Cloud is already the largest holographic AR application platform in China in terms of total revenue in 2017. In addition, WIMI established the most comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all holographic AR solution providers in China. In terms of revenue, number of customers, holographic AR contents and the number of holographic AR patents and software copyright, WIMI Hologram Cloud ranks the first in the Chinese holographic AR industry. Throughout the year 2018, WIMI Hologram Cloud had approximately 4,654 AR holographic contents, 106 software copyrights and 219 technology patents. WIMI Hologram Cloud is dedicated to meeting the entertainment and business needs of customers and end users by its holographic technologies. According to Frost&Sullivan, the holographic AR application platform operated by WIMI Hologram Cloud covers the most extensive types of holographic AR products in China. The comprehensive platform application of WIMI Holographic Cloud is a key factor that distinguishes WIMI Hologram Cloud from its competitors.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) plans to continue to improve and strengthen existing technologies, maintain its industry leadership and create an ecological business model. At present, WIMI Hologram Cloud’s holographic facial recognition technology and holographic facial change technology are being applied to the existing holographic advertising and entertainment business, and the technologies are also being upgraded in order to make breakthroughs in more industry fields. WIMI Hologram Cloud is targeted at building a commercial ecological system based on the application of holographic technology.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) plans to continue to invest a lot of resources to strength its capability to develop holographic AR content. WIMI Hologram Cloud is committed to enriching holographic content combinations and providing high-quality holographic experience. WIMI Hologram Cloud plans to continue to expand holographic content libraries through various ways.

Source: Unicorns Had Known Earlier

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) covers multiple links of holographic AR technologies such as holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic vision presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising launch, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development, and holographic AI face change development. It has the one-stop service capacity. At present, it has grown into one of the leading integrated technology provider of holographic cloud in China.

Holographic communication needs to be achieved through the combination of various technologies. Users talk in front of a special camera consisting of a lens and a microphone, and the lens converts the user into digital images for network transmission. At the receiver end, the images are projected on a special steam device through a laser projector to realize the presentation of the 3D picture. In this implementation process, it requires the close coordination of 5G high-speed transmission technology, AR, holographic laser projection and other technologies. The difficulties that need to be faced can not be summarized in a sentence or two.

At present, 5G real-time holography technology has been successfully applied to Mobile World Conference (MWC), helping China Mobile and Huawei to get through to the first 5G video call; on the Mobile World Conference, the display of the country’s first real-time holographic live broadcast technology has attracted the attention of reporters of CCTV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, China News Agency, CGTN and many other media who have experienced the 5G holographic live broadcast superimposed by three-dimensional dynamic reconstruction and transmission technology; at the 2050 conference, it has attracted a large number of dreamers from all over the world who love technology and love the future.

With the arrival of 5G, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) expects to cooperate more closely with more partners in the field of 5G real-time holographic communication to jointly promote the new technology and communication application scenarios to land as soon as possible, and create a better future. CCTV News: with the official issuance of China’s 5G commercial license in June in this year, the attention to 5G has become increasingly high. 5G has the advantage of high speed and low delay, and brings the sci-fi lifestyle such as holographic video calls closer to the public. Xu Mai, associate professor at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics said: people can see that in many science fiction films, 5G makes it possible. Now it’s like we are fixing the road, and we still need to conduct some studies about what kind of car to drive in the future. it can be image that the experience will get better and better in the future.

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