Color Laser Engraving On Metal Application And Work

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Color Laser Engraving On Metal Application And Work

April 28
19:04 2020
Color Laser Engraving On Metal Application And Work

Color laser engraving is a laser engraving technology that includes color to engraved items. This is generally achieved by warming the surface of the materials to form an oxide layer after which visible light can be reflected on it. This light is what makes the look of color. In some cases, a color dye powder spread over the object then melted into the engraving using an engraving machine.

How color laser engraving machine works

The basis behind laser color engraving is surface oxidation. Scientifically, lots of material surfaces react in the air to form thin layers. When the surface of a stuff is heated using a laser beam, it forms a thin oxide film. The real thickness of this film is achieved by altering the scanning power, velocity, and line spacing. Other essential parameters for the technology contain marking speed, marking direction, pulse length, focal spot diameter, and repetition rate.

Once a continue material surface temperature has been maintained, a uniform color can be created. The thin oxide layer will improve in thickness until it forms a thin film effect. This is what plans the reflection of white light and hence the look of other colors. A thick oxide layer is beneficial because it saves the material against scratching and corrosion. For acrylic color, laser engraving is achieved via the addition of a color dye powder. This starts with traditional engraving then pressing of a unique powder on the engraved parts using a laser machine.

Applications of color laser engraving

Adding a burst of color on engraved items may seem like a new idea but the technology has exactly been around for decades. It was introduced as a way to some life to craft and jewelry metalwork. Although the method did not take off at first, it is now pretty a sensation. Organizations and individuals now utilize color laser engraving for different objectives including:

  • Marketing – e.g. making product customizations for customers
  • Branding – e.g. color marking of a big collection of products including bathroom fittings, firearms, automobiles, electronic equipment, aircraft, and medical items
  • Jewelry – e.g. adding a touch of beauty to jewelry, watches and craft metal works
  • Design – e.g. making wonderful graphics, designs, and images on items

There are just a handful of the commercial applications of laser engraving color. There are countless chances for a creative mind. Some of the practical techniques of color laser engraving contain laptop keyboard, mobile phone keypad, TV controller keyboard, iPhone back logo, plastic translucent keys, etc.

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