Google, Facebook, Apple, WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) are Competing on AR + Blockchain Combination Field

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Google, Facebook, Apple, WIMI Hologram Cloud (Nasdaq:WIMI) are Competing on AR + Blockchain Combination Field

April 23
16:52 2020

With the rise of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, etc. are developing rapidly, new applications and new formats such as mobile applications, social media, live network, short video, etc. are emerging, reshaping the media pattern and public opinion.

The global mobile Internet coverage is increasing, but the overall growth rate is decreasing. The mobile Internet has entered the stock age, and the explosive development of land grabbing has been replaced by intensive farming. With the rapid development of short video industry, emerging markets need to be explored. Important progress has been made in the field of new technology. New technology has been applied in all aspects of content production and distribution, providing more possibilities for the development of the media industry.

The combination of blockchain and AR

Blockchain technology has many applications in finance, most of the existing dapps are almost applied in finance, which makes people think that blockchain can only be used in finance, but in fact, the decentralized account book of blockchain can be used in many fields, but it still needs people to research and develop. At present, many teams study how VR / AR can be combined with blockchain to develop complex based The distributed account book is combined with VR / AR game. If you have seen the movie “first level player”, you can imagine how exciting the combination of VR / AR and blockchain is. The protagonist of “first level player” participates in the game competition through vr virtual reality, takes the first place and gains the assets of the game company, so turns over.


If you work hard in the VR / AR game world, and the rewards you get can be converted into real world money, then everyone has the opportunity to get the qualification of second life freedom. If you are in the real world, loser may become a life victory group in the blockchain VR / AR.

The key to this model is blockchain technology, which enables users to verify that the authenticity of digital assets is being sold. This will eventually begin to affect the development of AR applications into profitable enterprises. We have seen an increase in the number of Ethereum based dapps, many of which are the intersection of immersive technology and blockchain. A good example is cappasity: a decentralized AR / VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange. Allowing 3D objects to be created and then embedded in the site, capacity provides an immersive shopping experience.

Its purpose is to solve the problem of purchasing real word 3D based on two-dimensional images on the website. Now, retail projects can be presented in 3D to better understand what kind of jeans and sneakers you are going to wear. The role of blockchain is to allow 3D content creators to produce, rent and sell AR / VR content market through cappasity. Each asset is assigned a unique identification code to prevent copyright infringement.

Virtual users can buy and sell land, which constitutes the plot value of the world. New virtual real estate tycoons are already buying. Large virtual real estate has become blockchain billionaires. There is even a virtual real estate ecosystem in development, including crypto mortgages and investor banks rolling promising projects. More and more companies, such as Amazon and Facebook, are using private blockchains to enter the field. At the same time, accounts receivable companies began to deploy their AR cloud. When these two technologies are integrated, we will become a part of the global economy. Immersive content experience can touch the future through smart glasses, which is the integration of AR + blockchain.


Technology giants compete for distribution

It is understood that Foxconn and technology company sirinlabs cooperate to produce blockchain mobile phones, which may endanger Apple’s dominant position; decentralized social platforms such as minds and suchapp have posed a threat to Facebook; public chains such as Ethereum and EOS are attacking Microsoft to build a decentralized operating system

Faced with this disruptive technology, the five Internet giants in the United States will not be indifferent: Microsoft firmly believes that blockchain technology will become the mainstream this year and move forward step by step; Google has a low-key layout and become the second largest investor in blockchain technology; Amazon moves frequently to consolidate the market position of cloud computing; Facebook’s market value has shrunk by 100 billion dollars and wants to take advantage of blockchain Trouble; Apple spent $14 billion on R & D in 2018, or has developed blockchain products.

According to public information, Google recently announced cooperation with blockapps, a blockchain baas platform company, and digital asset, a blockchain company. Seeing that Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and other giants have their own baas solutions, Google obviously does not want to lag behind, and may develop its own baas platform in the future.

In addition to active investment, Google’s technology research and development is also advancing in the dark. In March, Bloomberg said that Google was studying technologies related to blockchain to support its cloud business and ensure the security of data storage. It has been revealed that Google is developing its own distributed electronic ledger to support third-party publishing and transaction verification.

In recent months, Facebook’s blockchain team has discussed and contacted stellar, the source payment technology company, about how to use blockchain technology, which Facebook can use to compete with payment networks of big banks, bianews reported.

According to another person familiar with the matter, Facebook is making a long-term bet on the blockchain, which may be similar to its investment in the field of artificial intelligence, not only to solve one aspect of the problem.

Facebook’s frequent actions show its high hopes for blockchain. Whether blockchain can help Facebook out of the dilemma remains to be tested by the market.

At the world Developers Conference, apple co-founder Steve Wozniak expressed his affirmation on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, believing that blockchain and cryptocurrency will give full play to their potential within 10 years.

Wozniak has also proposed using blockchain for social networks to compete directly with Facebook. He believes Facebook is now in a monopoly and the time is right to subvert it. Nulltx recently reported that Wozniak will soon join equi, a blockchain company.

At present, compared with the other four giants, Apple’s actions in the field of blockchain are not much. But in December, according to foreign media reports, Apple has filed a new patent application with the U.S. patent and Trademark Office, which revealed that Apple may be creating a system that uses blockchain technology to verify timestamps.

The system will generate a block with a time stamp. With the addition of subsequent blocks, miners can verify every transaction executed on the blockchain. If the patent is passed and applied to the actual business, the blockchain will be popularized among Apple’s massive users.

It is reported that WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) plans to solve the problem of advertising promotion through the combination of holographic AR technology and blockchain technology. The company plans to join AR to create an environment in which almost all signs or advertisements can become interactive advertisements, and customers can watch the contents of advertisements through encryption technology.

The idea is that AR tags can be attached to anything flat, such as posters, magazines, shopping bags or business cards. After scanning, these planes can provide a lot of information, such as event details, special offers, videos, manuals and expert information.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) AR holographic cloud AI advertising platform has been implanted into various professional fields. The ecological structure of WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) is divided into online and offline business, and the business forms are platform type regular business and non-standard project type business. The business revenue of WIMI is composed of three major services: holographic AR advertising, holographic AR entertainment and holographic AR technology services.

According to the analysis of industry insiders, Internet giants have strong technical teams and massive application scenarios, occupying the first mover advantage in blockchain. They can integrate upstream and downstream industrial chains through blockchain technology, so that the original business can be further enriched and expanded.

However, there are also views that in the era when the platform keeps its own data, Google, Facebook, etc. are dominant factors, but in the era of decentralization where individuals have data sovereignty, new players can rise by making full use of blockchain technology.

According to the plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology, it is expected that 5g network will be officially commercialized in 2020. Under the guidance of 5g technology wave, artificial intelligence, driverless, AR / VR and blockchain and other subversive applications will carry 5g high-speed channels, truly enter people’s lives, and open new investment opportunities for the market.

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