The Skin Research Institute Releases New Peptide Face Cream, Utilizing Korean Beauty Advancements, with Nature’s Most Powerful Hydration Preserver

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The Skin Research Institute Releases New Peptide Face Cream, Utilizing Korean Beauty Advancements, with Nature’s Most Powerful Hydration Preserver

April 23
10:16 2020
The Skin Research Institute Releases New Peptide Face Cream, Utilizing Korean Beauty Advancements, with Nature’s Most Powerful Hydration Preserver

Protein Plump Product Image
The Skin Research Institute, in Los Angeles, announces their latest product launch of Protein Plump. It’s an all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free formula that’s designed to retain hydration all day, with three unique ingredients in a proprietary blend that makes this face cream particularly effective. These properties allow the face cream to provide a layer of protection from dirt and make-up, so that wrinkles can fade and skin can heals, with balanced pH hydration throughout the day.

April 23, 2020 – The Skin Research Institute (SRI) is thrilled to launch their high-end face cream formula, utilizing the latest in skin-care research and developments.

Their product development team utilized over a decade of dermatological research to create a unique blend of ingredients that slow the aging process and reduce wrinkles.  The three primary causes of wrinkles and poor skin are a lack of hydration, impurities trapped in pores, and age.  The difficult task is to create an effective, safe and natural solution that retains hydration, while naturally protecting the skin from the impurities of dirt and make-up all day.

While most skin care products use silicones that cause irritation, many all-natural alternatives are typically not very effective for more than a few hours.  It is not easy finding an all-natural solution that keeps your skin hydrated and rejuvenates your skin on a cellular level for long-term results.

Their 38-ingredient proprietary blend formula is designed to: smooth wrinkles by firming the contours around the cheekbone and jawline, restore skin elasticity, create a layer of protection from makeup, and create a balanced hydration source that heals until the evening.

Each part of the formula is designed, so that the three key ingredients (Trehalose, Isododecane Base and their Collagen Complex) are able to fully activate their potential to quickly restore skin to one’s natural beauty, health and texture.

Trehalose is the powerful maintainer of hydration in plants found in both freezing climates, as well as high-temperature deserts.  This hydration preserver, along with Isododecane Base, in the right proportion, is able to seal off impurities, while locking-in the ideal balance of moisture to maintain the right pH levels for skin throughout the day.

Their Collagen Complex utilizes the peptides EGF, IFG and FGF.  The peptide EGF alone is typically used in burn victims to restore their skin to health, and has even led to a scientist winning the Nobel Prize.  By including this trio of peptides, for the simple problem of hydration retention and smoothing out wrinkles, it’s an incredibly powerful and natural way to quickly restore skin to health.

Jennifer Leigh, the Director of SRI, stated the reason why they decided to create Protein Plump in the first place: “While there are a few high quality face creams, we couldn’t find any that maintained the benefits of hydration throughout the day that were all natural and effective.” 

Ms. Leigh continued, “For example, almost everyone knows the benefits of collagen to heal and restore skin.  But most people don’t realize that those benefits are quickly lost if they apply make-up right after applying face-cream.” 

She explained that “It was more difficult to find the formula than we thought!  It took longer, because we were innovating, not simply adding an ingredient to an existing formula.  We had to utilize research from multiple fields, in order to see how the synthesis worked.  This is what led us to look toward Korean beauty advancements.  It’s slowly becoming more known that in the 1990s the South Korean government supported skin research, and since then, Korean beauty has become the prestigious world leader in skin-care product development.”

Ms. Leigh stated that “It’s difficult from the consumer’s perspective, because they typically don’t have access to the research and development process.  But that’s the very thing that matters, when it comes to healing skin.” 

She went on saying that “For any skin care product, it’s important to avoid the No-No-Nine.”  This is a phrase her team regularly employs to describe the worst ingredients that have unfortunately become a part of the skin-care industry, because they are cheap to procure.

The ‘No-No-Nine’ are: Parabens, Mineral oil, Sulfates, Phthalates, Hydroquinone, Talc, Titanium dioxide Oxybenzone, Formaldehydes & formaldehyde-releasing agents. “Some of these can be used to disinfect labs or even vehicle equipment and it’s the last thing one should ever think about putting on their skin.

The Skin Research Institute’s web development team is finalizing their user experience to launch Protein Plump, early next week.  SRI has occasionally taken years of research, before launching a specific product, within their umbrella of skin care related products.  They always push the envelope of innovation and we look forward to seeing their next product launch later this year.

SRI has an “A” ranking on the official Better Business Bureau website. Meanwhile, their positive Amazon and Facebook reviews and testimonials have bolstered their reputation.

To find out more about the Skin Research Institute’s Protein Plump click here:

About Skin Research Institute:

SRI’s mission is to make products created by nature and perfected by science. They avoid dangerous ingredients and manufacturing processes, while utilizing the latest developments in Korean beauty and research, from the scientific community, to ensure effective and natural solutions to lasting beauty without side-effects.  Hence, their motto: “Safe enough for a baby but designed for a woman”.  Most importantly, they stand behind all their products with a two-month guarantee to ensure complete satisfaction.

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