From Businessman to Artist, An Qibang’s Latest Portfolio Is Published In The US

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From Businessman to Artist, An Qibang’s Latest Portfolio Is Published In The US

April 22
18:50 2020


Recently, The Rhythm of Thoughts, a collection of literary and artistic theories featuring An Qibang abstract paintings and abstract art research, was published by one of the largest publishers in the United States, Xlibris, and was also listed on Amazon, Google, eBay, Barnes & Nobel Readers meet.


An Qibang was born in Changwu, Shaanxi, China in 1956. His young families were poor. In order to survive, he went to a sparsely populated town in western China to make a living. Suffering experience tempered his will and matured his thoughts. An Qibang survived the ordeal. At the beginning, as a bottom apprentice in the jewelry industry, he gradually grew into an excellent businessman in the industry. He painted while doing business. He first studied Chinese painting and then oil painting. In the years of continuous exploration and thinking, he constantly lamented the movement and change of all things in the world, the roughness and impermanence of life’s destiny… Until more than two decades ago, in a museum in Europe, he was fascinated by abstract paintings represented by Kandinsky. He suddenly realized that he was excited, ecstatic, and roaring, and finally found a way of expressing his inner heart, which can vividly depict the emotion of deep inner heart, awe of nature, courage of life, life. Love, the pursuit of faith.

Art work: “Prairie Spring”

An Qibang’s story is undoubtedly exciting. His life is a process of low-opening and high-going. The story’s change from sorrow to joy is extremely legendary. Before looking at his works, he used his life to tell a drama that fights against reality and perseverance. The story is distressing and full of power. Behind the story of being away from home in the early years, it is full of positive energy about a person who is brave to chase dreams and who is brave to devote himself to art. At the same time, he is extremely persevering and confronts the world with his life.

Art work: “Waiting for spring”

Many people are full of respect for An Qibang. His success is not because he wanted to be like that, but to satisfy the imagination that most people cannot break through the worldly barriers to chase their dreams. His paintings not only have superb painting skills, but also carry a strong and penetrating life story behind his works. Standing in front of his paintings, the gorgeous colors were unexpectedly strong, full of vitality, and thick growth. He loves painting creation from the inside out. Painting is an expression of the beautiful things and beautiful emotions in life. Perhaps many people see his paintings not as true love for him, but as more love for themselves who have abandoned the world and pursue their dreams.

Art work: “Paradise”

Now An Qibang is an art master with many honors. He is currently a member of the Beijing Calligraphers Association, a member of the Beijing Artists Association, a director of the Central State Organs Calligraphers Association, a member of the Central State Organs Artists Association, and an honorary vice chairman of the American Asian Artists Association. His paintings were exhibited twice at the Louvre in Paris, France. During his studies at the Royal College of Art in 2019, an abstract painting and oracle bone calligraphy works were successively collected and archived by the Royal College of Art. His work “The Sculpture of the Glacier” won a gold award in Japan and was collected by the Kanto Museum of Art in Japan. In the same year, he was invited to attend the 3rd ASEAN Economic and Trade Development Cooperation Forum, and was awarded the honorary title of “Sino-Thai Cultural Ambassador” by the Royal Thai Prince Wangchai. Thailand’s “King’s Medal”, three paintings were collected by the Thai royal family and the Thai military. In recent years, his works have been continuously auctioned and successfully auctioned by well-known auction companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and other European countries. According to the art authoritative media Artron released 2019 living artists TOP100, An Qibang successfully ranked among the top of the ranking. The works of art have been exhibited in Paris, London, Tokyo, Turkey and other countries successively. They have been reported by People’s Daily, CCTV and other media and collected by many units and collectors. An Qibang has won more than one hundred awards at home and abroad, but he is indifferent to fame and fortune, lives a knighthood, and has been passionate about charity for many years to help others and benefit mankind. Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, he has raised funds to participate in charity donations and donated all raised funds to Wuhan to fight the epidemic, and use practical actions to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

Art work: “The Morning Sun”

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