Wisdek Suggests SEO tactics to Recoup Lost business during COVID-19 Outbreak

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Wisdek Suggests SEO tactics to Recoup Lost business during COVID-19 Outbreak

April 20
07:05 2020
Wisdek Corp., a premier SEO and internet marketing company has suggested SEO tactics for companies to recoup their lost business during COVID- 19 pandemic. Wisdek Corp. is Toronto’s first internet marketing company that has always remained at the forefront in offering the best digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

The Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the global economy. With the increasing cases of the COVID-19 internationally, countries are putting up travel restrictions to try to keep the virus outside their borders. People are also forced to stay at home and this is upending businesses of all sizes. As governments and public health officials are bracing for the worst, businesses also need to act proactively. Although economic slowdown is inevitable, businesses can minimize the impact of this pandemic by taking proactive steps. According to marketing experts at Wisdek Corp., this Coronavirus outbreak demands that your company should focus on preparing an effective business continuity plan.

Since there’s no prediction about the end of this global pandemic, companies are forced to operate remotely until the situation normalizes. On the other hand, people are practicing social distancing but they still need to buy things. As a result of this, both consumers and companies turn to organic search. Vadim Kirichenko, Wisdek Corp. CEO says, “Even as most countries go into lockdown, don’t quarantine your business. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed everything, and marketing is no exception. As coronavirus reduces foot traffic to your retail business, it’s time to expand your e-commerce offerings. This COVID-19 crisis is having a dramatic impact on search behavior, consumer mobility, media consumption habits, and supply chains. This is indeed a time for humanity and not a marketing moment. However, if you don’t plan for the coming days, this COVID-19 can have severe consequences for your business.”

A recent survey revealed that post-pandemic, companies are ramping up their SEO efforts. Due to a reduction in marketing budget, the focus is shifting from PPC to SEO. This is because SEO is a cost-effective marketing tool that drives conversions and builds a brand in the long term. Dimitri Konchin, President at Wisdek Corp. said, “For businesses, this is the perfect time to reset their online marketing campaigns and take an in-depth look into the performance of past efforts. To help your business recover from coronavirus, invest your time and efforts on SEO. You can begin by showing some love to your website. You need to check your current website organic search rankings and optimize it for search engines to improve the quality and quantity of your web traffic. Besides making your site mobile-friendly, also put a site-wide banner on all pages of the website with key information such as working hours or temporarily closed.”

Digital marketing specialist at Wisdek also suggests managing your Google My Business profile during COVID-19. Moreover, SEO-focused content is the most cost-effective way of maintaining your business during economic downtimes. You should generate new ideas for blog posts and start writing the newsletter and press releases. The company also suggests improving your Online Reviews Strategy. Check out review sites and make sure your more recent reviews have a thoughtful response.

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