Auto Guardian Life-Preservation System Receives US Patent

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Auto Guardian Life-Preservation System Receives US Patent

April 15
16:34 2020

The Auto Guardian Life-Preservation System, LLC, announces the issuance of its US Patent (US Pat. No. 10,603,980) on March 31, 2020. The Auto Guardian is an autonomous solution designed to end child and pet tragedies in cars caused by excessive heat over an extended period. The system will save children and pets left and forgotten in cars that quickly get too hot to sustain life.

Auto Guardian uses on-board sensors and existing hardware to intervene in unhealthy thermal cabin conditions to sustain life. Vehicle owners and Emergency First Responders are summoned using the GPS coordinates linked to the vehicle. Driver contact information is programmed at the point of sale of the vehicle.


Because only existing hardware and software are used, beyond the cost of building the algorithm, Auto Guardian is an extremely cost-effective solution to manufacturers. Liability and risk for the manufacturer are reduced, if not completely eliminated. The solution is a win-win proposition for both manufacturers and vehicle owners. The system is native to all vehicle makes and models. It uses whatever sensors are available in each car.

Statistics from 2019 showed 52 children died in hot cars; in the US, Texas led with seven deaths, followed by Florida. Even in more temperate climates, a closed vehicle sitting in direct sunlight or on a warm but cloudy day, will quickly heat to more than 120 degrees, which can cause serious injury within 10 minutes and death in 15.

In 1989, at the onset of airbag use in cars, a US government mandate prohibited babies and small children from riding in the front seat of a vehicle. This well-intentioned mandate was the beginning of the heatstroke epidemic: children were out of sight, and quickly went out of mind. The number of cases of heatstroke, asphyxia, neurological damage and death continue to rise. All are preventable, unnecessary tragedies. Forgetfulness, purposefully placing children into unattended vehicles, unsupervised kids getting into cars and not being able to get out on their own have resulted in the heatstroke tragedies Auto Guardian’s system can stop.


The Auto Guardian System enhances vehicle safety, and like airbags, seat belts and anti-lock brakes offers the peace of mind that parents and pet companions expect. Almost nothing is added to the sticker price of the vehicle. Auto-Guardian is a win-win for both manufacturers and drivers – and especially young children.

The Auto Guardian Life-Preservation System acts decisively when a potentially dangerous saturation occurs. It is there to protect.

For an overview of the vehicular heatstroke issue and the Auto Guardian solution to end hot car deaths visit:

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