Tax Preparation Services Chicago IL: The opportunity of a $100,000.00 Tax Minimization Exists

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Tax Preparation Services Chicago IL: The opportunity of a $100,000.00 Tax Minimization Exists

February 24
18:18 2020
Small businesses and professionals who work for themselves are often taken off guard at the end of the year when they discover their tax liabilities. The amount can be shocking and if not paid, very detrimental to the business and individual.

“The IRS is not a government entity that most people do not want to match up toe to toe against. Most people accept their tax liability and go with it,” said Jeff Badu, a tax professional in Chicago, Illinois.

Badu has ways to help minimize tax liability on many individuals and businesses. Certain people he has managed to get their liability down by as much as $100,000.00. This is a significant amount, and best of all, it is 100 percent legal and legitimate to do.

Jeff Badu, owner of Badu Tax Services LLC, recalls one such situation where a client was struggling to meet his tax liabilities for the fiscal year: “The client had exhausted all of his avenues and turned to us for assistance. Me and my team of professionals for accounting services in Chicago, Illinois, we were able to reduce the client’s tax burden by $100,000.00 – a significant amount.”

“I met with the client after reviewing all of his tax documents and information. I looked into several different possibilities available to the client. One was a deferred compensation plan where the client would have a lower tax liability because of installed payments versus a single lump sum. The client and I have an ongoing professional relationship with this particular project being on the forefront of our overall plan,” said Jeff Badu, professional business tax consultant in Chicago, Illinois.

Jeff Badu notes that the opportunity for an amount this large is somewhat limited, but this does not mean he cannot help reduce tax liability. His tax preparation service covers much of Chicago with clients coming from any number of different walks of life.

“Every client has an individual tax liability. I cannot guarantee $100,000.00 for everyone, but I will work to get the tax liability as low as I possibly can,” said Badu.

Badu Tax Services helps Chicago citizens and businesses with all their accounting needs. For individuals with a fairly simple tax situation or business owners that require more in-depth analysis or business tax preparation, Badu Tax Services helps maximize tax savings and minimize tax liability. The firm’s mission is to help you maximize financial security while offering tax preparation services in Chicago to individuals and businesses.

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