Liquid Screed Updates FAQ Page for Laitance Removal Services to Answer All Customer Queries

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Liquid Screed Updates FAQ Page for Laitance Removal Services to Answer All Customer Queries

February 21
18:50 2020
There are many building and construction projects which can benefit from the right expertise and experience when it comes to their flooring installations, and this is something that Liquid Screed is known for, being in the flooring industry for many years. The company specializes not only in liquid screeding but also moisture testing, laitance removal, more and today, Liquid Screed has updated its laitance removal page with more FAQs geared towards answering all customers questions and concerns.

UNITED KINGDOM – Flooring installations need to be as smooth and even as possible, and one can only achieve this with the right techniques and materials, such as those provided by Liquid Screed. Liquid Screed has, after all, been a leading player in the flooring sector for many years, and its specialities include liquid floor screeding as well as moisture testing and laitance removal.

When it comes to laitance removal, Liquid Screed understands exactly what its customers and any construction and building project needs. The laitance removal process is essential, and if it is not done properly (or at all), the floor covering will not stick or bind properly to the screed flooring, becoming loose over time. Liquid Screed recommends that the screed sanding provider returns from a week to ten days after the installation of liquid screed flooring so that the screed sanding procedure can be carried out as well.

As Liquid Screed explains, the process of laitance removal is designed to remove as many particles of dust as possible during screed sanding, so the floor can be smooth and even and homeowners and building owners can reduce the likelihood of loose floor coverings over time. Today, Liquid Screed provides even more information about laitance removal and its benefits, particularly with its newly updated FAQ page dedicated to laitance removal questions and concerns.

On its laitance removal FAQ page, Liquid Screed strives to answer some of the most common questions regarding laitance removal, such as when the process can begin, whether or not it is advisable to do DIY work for screed sanding, and more. Liquid Screed also confirms that laitance removal offers some key benefits, such as proper surface preparation, the prevention of cracking or fluctuating floor levels over time, and, perhaps the greatest benefit of all – the avoidance of any expensive corrections at an inconvenient date.

About the company:

Liquid Screed has a solid reputation as a provider of liquid floor screeding services, but apart from this, the company also offers laitance removal, moisture testing, and underfloor heating installation services. Liquid Screed serves customers throughout the UK as well, and for those who are keen on finding out more about its laitance removal services, visit the Liquid Screed site.  

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