New Technologies Making Cellulite Reduction Easier and More Affordable

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New Technologies Making Cellulite Reduction Easier and More Affordable

January 20
17:20 2020
Radiofrequency now becoming the new standard in cellulite reduction.

Med-aesthetic treatments (Medically Aesthetic) are now becoming more popular in Canada.  The advances in technology have led to new treatments such as radiofrequency laser applications, which produce tighter, smoother skin. SharpLight is a global entity with locations in Canada that has now perfected this new technology and is happy to be able to produce great results for clients using the newest in cellulite reduction machinery.  This machinery uses a pulsating radio wave to break down cellulite. The result is a smoother look to the skin, with removal of the “dimpled” look. 

According to statistics, cellulite is a concern for one in three individuals, especially women. 

Cellulite is quite simply fat deposits that are underneath the topmost layer of skin. Radiofrequency breaks these fat deposits down quickly and painlessly and most sessions often can last only 20 to 30 minutes.  Most deposits are found in the hips, thighs and buttocks, and women more often than men suffer from the dimpled look of cellulite because of the higher fat content that women do naturally have.  The higher levels of estrogen in women lead to the greater amounts of cellulite, as men burn fat faster than women.  Men possess higher levels of testosterone. 

Weight doesn’t necessarily play a factor in cellulite deposits.

Slender women can have as much and sometimes even more cellulite deposits than heavier women.  Weight is not a predictor of cellulite deposits.  Genetics and body composition can be, however, with a predisposition to these fat deposits running in families.  Aging and inactivity can cause a part also, but genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalances seem to be greater causes.  Skin loses elasticity when aging and hormonal imbalances also occur more frequently with aging, causing cellulite to increase with age many times. 

SharpLight has the cellulite reduction machinery to provide fast painless elimination of cellulite.

Always on the cutting edge of all med-aesthetic technology, SharpLight uses the latest cellulite reduction machinery.  Downtime is nonexistent, and the procedure now is quicker than previous methods.  As a global clinic with over 15 years of med-aesthetic experience under its belt, SharpLight provides the best solution possible to the removal of cellulite using the most advanced cellulite reduction machinery.

SharpLight also has a wide range of other aesthetic procedures available.

From the removal of acne scars, to tattoo removal, hair removal, and all types of skin resurfacing, SharpLight are a leader in their fields. Testimonials on the efficacy abound on their Website, and all procedures are extremely safe and effective.  There is no need anymore to remain frustrated and embarrassed by cellulite or other easily remedied cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.  While no one can promise perfect results, SharpLight does provide enough great results to have grown exponentially over the years. 

About SharpLight

SharpLight is a global provider of med-aesthetic procedures, with the newest technology used for procedures.  With many locations throughout the world, and of course, Canada, it is now easier for individuals to book a consultation. SharpLight have been in business for over 15 years. 

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